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United Industrial Services Ltd

Science and Technology Trade Development Centre

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About us:


United Industrial Services Ltd. is a science and technology trade development centre, established in UK since 2003. The company is supported by highly experienced scientists and motivated professional team with more than 30 years of scientific and industrial experiences.  Our company offers professional business consultation and marketing services. We are supplier of industrial and lab scale equipment to industries and research centres together with industrial materials and consumables.  


United Industrial Services (UIS) offers ranges of Industrials and Scientific services that includes:

Supply of advanced laboratory and Industrial Equipment

Supply of Industrial Components, Materials and Consumables

Product Promotion and Market Assessment

Technical and Scientific Consultation

Business Consultation

Product Assessment

Materials Testing

Product Assembly



Ultrasonic Homogenizers 

UHP-200, UHP-400 and UHP-1200 are examples of the products. The UHP-400 Ultrasonic Homogenizer is a small-scale, laboratory-scale. Devices are set at a working frequency of 20 kHz and are capable of applying different output power at different intensities.


Materials Testing Equipment with Various Capacities 

Assessments of materials properties in laboratory and industrial scales. Supplied equipment includes Tension, compression, Rheometer, Impact, Torsion, fatigue, Creep and Bend.

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 Materials Milling Equipment

Mixing and Homogenization of dry and wet Powders with different size and densities.
The Rotation causes fine Milling in all directions and making powder of Materials in Micron and Nanometer in optimum time.


RF Power Supply 

The RFG03UIS includes a wide range of RF output power with 13.56 MHz frequency. RFG03UIS is a combination of radiofrequency electronics achievements, accurate and repeatable output, advanced power amplifier protection, high safety factors, modular design and high-efficiency power amplifier. These features have turned this product into a reliable device for industrial and laboratory applications.


Impedance Matching Networks

AMN0XUIS is an Impedance matching networks. This Automatic matching Networks, perform the impedance matching process very fast and stable.
Advanced design of this matching network makes this system usable even for very sensitive loads such as resonant loads. The seperated control box, make this product easy to use.

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