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RFG03UIS 13.56 MHz
300/600 Watts
RF Plasma Generators

Features and Capabilities 

Continuous operation capability:

Due to use of high quality electronics components and its optimal design and high security margin, the system can be used in heavy duty cycles. applications.

Ease of operation and adjustment:

Through a graphical display-control panel, user can monitor or control parameter such as: 

  • Forward power,

  • Reflected power, 

  • DC bias,

  • Alarms and errors.

Ease of control and troubleshooting:

  • Self-bias monitoring,

  • Always showing the system state on the display, 

  • Declaring the type of the produced errors by means of embedded alarming systems.


  • CE Immunity and Emission standard.

A complete set of Protections:

  • Closed-loop output power control,

  • Reflected power protection,

  • Over temperature protection,

  • Over current and overvoltage protection,

  • Reflected power limit protection.​

Remote control capability

  • Standard Digital (Modbus) and analog control (0-5 V),

  • Control: System on/off, Mode selection, Forward power adjustment,

  • Monitoring: Forward Power, Reflected power.

Compressed Air-cooling(Fan) systems

  • DC to RF conversion efficiency more than 70%.

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