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3KV/20A and 4.5KV/25A models
Impedance Matching Networks


Impedance Matching Networks are required to: 

  • prevent the reflection of the power transmitted by the generator,

  • protect the RF generator,

  • maximize the power input to the load,

  • make the processes repeatable,

  • and provide the necessary field intensity in the enclosure before and after the formation of plasma. 

AMN0XUIS Works at three independent modes of operation:

  • Automatic mode

  • Manual mode

  • Preset mode

Adjustable Parameters:

  • Various parameters can be adjusted and their performance can be observed through the front panel of the controller or remotely.

Fast Performance:

  • Approximately 2 seconds is needed to form the plasma and perform complete matching for standard loads.

Wide range of impedance matching:

  • 1 to 45 ohm and -200j to +30j.

  • Custom design impedance matching range is possible.


  • Semiconductor production.

  • Physical and chemical plasma deposition.

  • Plasma etching.

  • Various plasma processing techniques.

  • Heating and melting discarded dielectrics.

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