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Materials Testing Equipment


Universal Testing Machine

STM Series

The machine is able to test the mechanical properties of a wide range of the materials such as:

Metal, plastics, ceramics, composites, casting, welding, wire and cable, tube and pipe, sheet and foils, bars and belts, rubber, timber, graphits, adhesives, automobile components, finished components.

Digital Universal Hardness Tester

SUH-200 (SUH-series)

Technical Specifications
SUH-200 is generally applied for measuring metals hardness in Rockwell, Vickers, and Brinell methods in ambient temperature. It is also widely used in research and development of alloys, quality control of metal products

Melt Flow Rate Index (MFI) Testing Machine

SMF-300 & SMF-300B & SMF-350

UIS SMF -300 Machine is used to determine the Melt Flow Rate Index of a polymer by extruding it in a molten state through a standard die under reference stress and conditions. This rheological behavior will assist polymerist & plastics machineries operators to provide optimum condition for the production process.


Impact Testing Machine


UIS SIT-20E Pendulum Impact Test Series are used for brittle plastics to determine impact resistance of Standard Specimens.
Materials under Instant Load (Impact Test) may behave very different in comparison of Quasi - Static Load (Tensile Test). 

Oscillation Disk Rheometer Mooney Viscometer

STR-200B (Rubber Curemeter, Sealed Type)

The UIS SRT - 200 machine is used in the rubber industries and research centers  For the determination of the Mooney Viscometer characteristics the UIS SMV-200 machine is also designed.

HDT VICAT Testing Machine

SHV-303 (SHV-Series)

Determining plastics deformation rate under force applying within temperature rising & needle penetration in the specimen (Vicat) & specimen deflection  (HDT) Testing production like  PVC tubes, UPVC door & windows, plastic parts

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